Standards documents

These documents are reviewed from time to time and guide us in our every day activities as your Community Council.

Please note that these documents were reviewed by Tintern Community Council and may be subject to changes following review by Wyevalley Community Council.

Code of Conduct

This was adopted at a meeting on 27th March 2017 and is the recommended code of conduct to which we must abide at our meetings and other dealings on your behalf.

Standing Orders

This was adopted by Council on 28th September 2020. This lays out how we must carry out our meetings.

Financial Regulations

The regulations which we follow in our financial business.

Complaints Procedure

The Council receives queries, problems and comments as part of its day to day running and they should not all be regarded as complaints. These are routine and expected and are generally resolved quickly and satisfactorily. If someone is dissatisfied with the original service or response they receive and wishes to take the matter further then the issue should be recognised as a complaint. This document lays out how complaints must be handled.