Annual Report 2022/23

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Running a Community Council obviously costs money as well as the time and effort of your Community Councillors. The money we receive forms a very small part of your Council Tax (known as our precept) and our costs are shown below

Expenditure Budget
Salary, etc
Clerk's salary 3,800.00
Clerk's expenses, Home Allowance, Stationery 800.00
Councillor expenses 250.00
Councillor training 50.00
Chairman's honoraria 300.00
Administration and office costs
Hall hire 200.00
Elections 200.00
Audit, Council insurance and Village Hall insurance 1,700.00
Data protection fee & Gwent magistrates appeal fee 100.00
Fetes and festivals 500.00
Halls and playgrounds 0
Maintenance 10,000.00
Safety inspections 100.00
Churches and churchyards 500.00
Fetes and festivals 500.00
Web sites and IT
Wye Valley Community Council and Tintern Village sites 150.00
Subscription, projects and donations
Subscriptions One Voice Wales and Society of Local Council Clerks 220.00
Tintern News and Charities 400.00
Education grants and Church Brigade 600.00
Projects 1,000.00
Total expenditure 20,870.00
Precept 20,870.00